Permits4Africa has been servicing private clients in the aviation industry since 1998. Our personnel have vast experience in various areas of the aviation industry and can therefor offer our clients in-depth knowledge about regulations both in the air and on the ground.

Over the years Permits4Africa has earned a reputation as one of the most time and cost efficient permit and clearance service providers in Africa.


It all began when I studied Public Relations and Communication part-time in Stellenbosch, while starting out as as an air traffic controller. My career really took off when I began to work in various control towers across South Africa & Namibia.

In 1992, I was approached by the Deputy Director of Civil Aviation Namibia to join the company as both a personal assistant and as a supervisor for the briefing office. One of my duties included the issuing of overflight- and landing permits. This so-called ‘double-position’ surely posed new challenges to me, but I gladly accepted it as an opportunity for professional growth. Arranging the SADEC conference in Namibia in 2003 was a highlight for me!

Also, during this time, I was selected to go to Montreal in Canada to study Aviation Management for six months. In 1994, I joined a charter company called Namibia Commercial Aviation, and worked alongside Chris Schutte, the charter operator. This was yet another challenge that I welcomed, and looking back, it was a career move that truly confirmed my love for this field of work. This particular company owned various light aircrafts and a fleet of DC6’s, which we used for scenic tours in and around Namibia.

I moved to Pretoria in 1995 when a VIP aircraft handling company, Aerospace Handling, approached me. I was appointed as an operations manager and my duties included obtaining overflight- and landing permits; managing meet-and-greet’s; VIP passenger handling; transporting pilots to and from hotels; and supervising ground handling. I remember loving my job… Especially the fact that I worked so closely with international companies such as Universal, Jet Aviation and Air Routing International. The other highlight during this time must, of course, be when I met celebrities like 007 actor Pierce Brosnan.

At the end of 1998, I moved to Zürich in Switzerland where I worked part-time for Skyguide as a technical support officer in the Air Traffic Control Simulator division. I was promoted to shift supervisor in 2001. Simultaneously, I started a small aviation company that provided services such as overflight- and landing permits and clearances, ground handling, fuel and accommodation, as well as anything else pertaining to international and local operations for Charter, Business, Private and Medivac flights. We delivered services in all 56 African countries and in countries across Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

I returned to South Africa together with my son, Sebastian, who joined the team as we decided to grow the company. It was re-launched as Permits4Africa CC. Today, we continue to promise our clients efficient, cost effective and tailor-made solutions for their flights across the African continent and beyond.

When it comes to our passion for service excellence, the sky is truly the limit. Permits4Africa places high value on its employees by continuously investing in their skills and knowledge development. In this way, we are able to adhere to the three core principles of service excellence, cost efficiency, and time delivery the company prides itself on.


Apart from my mother’s involvement in the aviation industry, what sparked my interest even more was back in 2008 with my school’s Career Week initiative. I interned at Aerosud Training Center for two weeks and completed 3 courses: Java 2 Part 1, Planning and Presentation, and Increasing Personal Creativity. After school, I worked as a sales representative at Incredible Connection in 2011 and during this time, I gained valuable skills in the IT-field and customer relations. It prepared me well for my work here at Permits4Africa today. Currently, I am also studying B.Com Law at the University of Pretoria and will be writing my final exams in November. Between working and studying, I am having fun obtaining my PPL for which I have completed 17 hours thus far.


When it comes to our passion for service excellence the sky is the limit.

We believe in offering our clients efficient, cost effective and tailor-made solutions for their flight plans across the African continent and beyond.

Permits4Africa places a high value on its employees and is constantly investing in their skills and knowledge development to ensure they continue to deliver on our three core principles:

Service excellence  |   Cost efficiency  |   Time delivery


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