In April this year (2015) I was privileged to be part of a Ten Ship Gyroplane tour through Botswana and Namibia.

This ten day tour required exits and entries at six International Airports with each country visited having their own documentation and clearance requirements.

The well-publicized Jabiru Tour and the arrests of a number of pilots in Namibia to say the least made us as potential tourist most apprehensive and personally I feared the tour should be cancelled.

We however were introduced to Yolanda who calmly proceeded with the compilation of the different requests and documentation required by Botswana and Namibia.

Needless to say we encountered no problems entering or exiting these neighbouring countries and enjoyed only pleasurable experiences at customs and entry offices.

I highly recommend anyone wishing to travel through Africa to leave the arrangements to
PERMITS 4 AFRICA. Yolanda understands the industry and has the patience required to deal with officialdom.”

Denis Mavrokefalos